Let’s Have Male Strippers!

Back in the late 70’s, male strippers as entertainment was somewhat of a new concept. In 1979, Red’s decided to try it out and invited Fast Freddy and the Playboys to the bar.  We had never had male strippers before and my dad didn’t know what to expect.

When Jimmy put up the sign to advertise the event, a buzz took over. Ladies where buying tickets and the show quickly sold out.  Men where not allowed in until after the show was over. My dad, in his infinite wisdom, decided his 18-year-old son should not work that night. I was not happy about that. The consensus among the male bartenders was that we expected the women to go crazy and would want to get their hands on any man they could find. Since there were only five of us, the odds were in our favor.   Who wouldn’t want to be one of the few select men in a room full of horny women!

From what I understand, the ladies in attendance did get a little excited, if you know what I mean. For the guys that waited outside and the guys that worked that night, many had stories to tell.  I will never know what I missed.


Story by

Mark Shapiro