Turning a local bar into an entertainment destination

Yes…there was a time before MTV, Sirius Radio and iPods.  In the early sixties, if you wanted to hear music, you had to listen on a transistor radio full of static or a turntable with scratchy LPs.  You might even catch a musical act once a week on Ed Sullivan or the Mike Douglas show, providing your family owned a TV- a black and white TV.  For live bands, you might see a national act at Music Hall in Cleveland every now and then, but for local bands, your choices for entertainment were limited.

That’s exactly what made Red’s Bar unique at the time.  It was one of the few places in Northeast Ohio that people could go the hear bands perform live.    The first band to perform at Red’s was The Four Fifths.  After several years of the same band performing every week,  Larry Alltop, a local singer, talked to Arnie about hiring bands from out-of-town.  This turned Red’s from a local corner bar into an entertainment destination for years to come.

In this video clip, Arnie talks about the bands that played at Red’s in the early years.

Story by Mark Shapiro