The Night of Angels

Jim Dad Reds223

Every so often, a few members of the Hells Angels would come into Red’s.  They were great guys and heads of the Ohio chapter.  It was always good to see them and a lot of fun every time.

Although, one evening turned out a little different.  It was a busy night when the front doors flew open and all you could see were Angels!  Full leather jackets and vests as far as you could see. I would guess that there had to be about 50 or more bikers. We had a capacity limit at the time and there wasn’t any room for all of them, but that didn’t matter.   We also  had a dress code and biker gear was not on that list.  My dad ran to the door and stopped them, “NO, NOT TONIGHT!” he yelled.  Jimmy Mansfield came to the door to help, when one of the bikers, with a big black eye, pointed at him and yelled, “That’s the Motherf#cker that hit me.” Needless to say, it got a little tense. Yet, cooler heads prevailed and they peacefully turned around and left.  Everyone at the bar went outside expecting to see the array of motorcycles as they sped away. But there were no bikes, only a tour bus they had rented for a bar crawl. Disappointing from a bystanders point of view.