Could someone over 30 actually play softball?

Back in the day, Akron bars truly didn’t compete with each other as a business because customers were very loyal.  If you where a Red’s customer, you went to Red’s. If you hung out at the Windsor on Tallmadge Avenue, that’s where you could be found.  Although, it seemed that everyone knew one another in some way. Every now and then, a little friendly competition was always fun. So, how about a softball game?

The Reds Softball Team

Red’s put together an “Over 30” team.   So did the Windsor Pub, and it was on.  I believe the first game was at the field at Firestone. They also battled at a few other parks in the area. The game out at Portage Lakes was one to remember. Besides the great turnout of players for both sides, there where a lot of family and friends. These games were always a good time.   There were many laughs because the players were not people you would call athletes.  Well perhaps, only in their own mind.

If you ever go to Luigi’s, or should I say, the next time you go to Luigi’s, look on the wall to the right as you walk in by the first row of booths, for a picture framed in red.  Mickey put up a photo taken at the very first game.  Right next to it is a reunion photo of the same guys, including my dad, taken years later.  It is a classic!

What made Red’s Special

Our favorite thing about Red’s were the customers and we had very loyal customers. Many of you came into the bar on your 21st birthday. From what we understand, some of you sneaked in even younger with fake IDs. (Note to local law enforcement: we do not condone this illegal behavior.) Even though Red’s has been closed now for over twenty years, people still come up to me and my dad and tell us stories, your first time there or how you met your spouse at Red’s.

We love hearing why you loved Red’s. If you would like to share, please leave a comment. In the meantime, check out what Micky Ciriello, Dicky Barger and our good friend, Jimmy Comedy – who is greatly missed, said about their first experience at Red’s.