Anyone remember Franklin & Nick?

In honor of LaFlavour performing at the Red’s 90th Birthday Bash, we decided to dig though our archives to find some footage from old shows.

Once upon a time, LaFlavour,  added two new members to the group, Franklin and Nick.  These two puppets evolved from being just a couple of minutes of comedy to a full-half hour skit.  In the video below, you’ll hear LaFlavours’ Pete and Gino describe what they did when Arnie asked them to tone-down the show and see actual footage of a 1987 stage show.

*Please note:  If you have any children, tell them to leave the room before you play this video.   Not that we are rating this, but if we did, it should be rated “R”.  If you get easily offended, be prepared.  The puppet’s joke are both dirty and politically incorrect. Right or wrong, remember this is from 1987, not from today’s PC, cleaned-up world.