Red’s Been Robbed!

Working at the bar wasn’t as glamorous as some people think.  Okay, well maybe as only a couple of you think.  I remember a scary incident from around 1970.  We used to cash payroll checks on Fridays for the guys down at Goodyear. Goodyear, had a late shift and those guys would come into the bar after they would get out of work which was around six in the morning.

Ida and friends. No, those are not the robbers!

Early one morning, several men came in with machine guns. These guys where not wearing masks.  So we’re guessing that they where not from around Akron. They must have been staking the place or were tipped off from someone because they knew the routine.  If they came in an hour later, we would have cashed all the checks and the safe would have been empty. My mother, Ida, was the one who took care of all the money. At first she resisted them, but they beat her up pretty bad. The men threw her in the cooler and asked for more money but there was none. She spent some time in the hospital and had to have pins put in one of her ankles.

She did very well and had a full recovery. She was a tough lady. But that wasn’t the only time Red’s was robbed, but that’s another story.