2 thoughts on “Photo Friday (Halloween Version)

  1. Arnie & Mark…Hi & love to both of you…Arnie, you & Jimmy were the best bosses i ever had! Working that coatroom (along with Joe’s snakes in there) & helping out Radar with the lights was some of my best times ever. Boy, do I have stories & I think I have some pics too. I think i have one of David Ruffin or some of the Temptations that were maybe at Blossom & then came to Red’s. Then, a few times some of the groups had played at Blossom & sat in on stage. Get ahold of me…the two of you & Jimmy & I will have to get togther real soon! I’ll dig up some pics for shits & giggles! Miss ya both!!! Hugs & kisses!
    Bec (aka Klinger!!)

  2. Hey Klinger!

    That would be great. I will gather the troops and see what we can do. Send me your info at montrosevideo.com
    Hugs and kisses back to you!

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