Radar the Roadie

Radar was one of the great people who worked for me. He did all the behind-the-scenes technical stuff for the bands that played at the bar. The first time he came to Reds, he was working with a band from Missouri called “Cyclone”. They played here for a couple of weeks and Radar fell in love with Akron. He told me that he would like to stay and work here. And that’s exactly what he did. He returned about a month later and worked for me for quite a while.

As time went on, the bands came in with their own light man, sound man, roadies and even groupies followed. So it was became hard for me to keep him busy all those years. Even LaFlavour had Jimmy Comedy. So he went to work at Tangiers and stayed there for quite sometime. I certainly missed the quality of his work. On my 80th birthday, he brought me a bat, a Louisville Slugger. I heard recently that he’s gone. What a nice gentleman he was. I really miss the guy.

Story by Arnold Red Shapiro

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